Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack version 1.2 is releaed

I thought that I may as well clean up the utility pack before I start the nested tasks, so here it is - version 1.2 of the SharePoint Tips Utility Pack.

The new version has all the features of the old one, plus my event handler registration utility that allows you to register an event handler, to a specific list, or to all lists with the same name in all the sites under a site.

Notice 3 interesting things about this screen - one is the "Register in sub sites" checkbox, which I explained what it does, the second is the "browse..." button - which allows you to pick your event handler DLL file, and the application will automatically fill the "assembly" box and will show you the classes list in the class dropdown. Finally, the "Data" text box allows you to specify data for the event handler, which can then be access in the event handler code from the event properties by using the "ReceiverData" property of the properties object. I find that very useful, do you?

I also improved some of the multithreading functions in the delete sites screen, and added recursion to the "field settings" screen, which has also been improved by letting you rename the field. Together with the recursion this is a very powerful tool - just imagine you deployed a solution with 100 sites and suddenly realize you misspelled one of the field names...

So here is the link again- version 1.2 of the SharePoint Tips Utility Pack. You can dowload the code, the application or even a setup file - that I recommend you use since in future versions the setup can replace and upgrade if you use the setup now.

P.S. - I am looking for a logo for the application. This will appear in the Help-About screen and should be 131px wide and 259px tall. As you can see, the logo I painted...just sucks. Also if you have better ideas for an Icon (32x32 and 16x16) for the application...

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