Thursday, April 26, 2007

Announcing a new series of articles - SharePoint Designer DataViews

I see a growing amount of questions about the SPD dataviews, or questions that can be answered by "use the dataview web part", so I thought I will start a new series of articles of "how-to"s to show how to do common actions using the dataview web part.

I will start by an article on best practices of using the dataview web part - how you should approach using it. Then I will start showing examples of modifying it, using either the built-in menus, or custom xslt samples.
This is actually an upgrade to some articles I have written in the past on how to use the xslt dataview in frontpage, on this blog and in

While I am always open to suggestions on what to show, please keep in mind that I will not do your projects for you. My aim is to show how this cool feature can make your life easier, so don't bother posting complex scenarios of things you want to achieve. Simple questions like "can you explain how to use conditional formatting" or "can you give an example on how to transpose a list, so that the rows are columns" will be (probably) accepted.
Also, if you are asking for something, leave your email address (will not be published) so I can notify you when it's published.

So, keep your eyes opened on this blog (you mean you are not registered by RSS? not even by email? well, it's time!)

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Anonymous said...

This is great Ishai. I am looking forward to the series!

The question I have been wresteling with is: What happened to the Data Source properties option in the Data View Web Part. In 2003 we were able to modify / create the data source connection without opening Frontpage. It appears in the 2007 platform we are forced to edit the data source in Designer. Am I missing something here?