Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Visual Studio WSS Extensions, Agile and sharepoint-Scanning displayed in the Canberra User Group

I would like to thank Neil Hadley from Dark Blue Duck for coming to the user group yesterday and teaching me and the other people there some things about the released Visual Studio WSS Extensions.

He also gave a very informative case study on developing a sharepoint solution using agile methodology which was very eye opening. I really agree with everything he showed us - and it fits perfectly with my own presentation from a month ago about the good and bad practices in sharepoint development.

Finally, Neil showed us a preview of a scanning solution his company is about to release which looks like a very nice solution. When it is available to purchase (he also promised a trial version) I will post a link to it.

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of a link to the Agile case study? We are currently trying to define a process for a SharePoint engagement and some tips would be much appreciated.