Monday, March 05, 2007

Sharepoint Tips And Tricks now has a domain!

Thanks to earning from various ad services I have been able to buy a domain, and after some false starts (and the help of Chuck from blogger status for real beta and from my friend Mundeep Rehill) I got the setup right, and you should now see that the site address is (I wanted but someone parked on it, probably waiting for me to buy the domain from him).

So, please update your bookmarks and links to use this more friendly address.

To answer Oskar's cynical comment (Don't worry Oskar - I enjoy such comments, and you do have a point), I cannot justify waiting for ad earning to get a domain (8$). The truth is that I am looking for a hosting company that will allow me to open a decent sharepoint site, and pay them with the rest of the earnings.
The trouble is - I cannot find a decent one. I want a place where I can install my web parts on the server, and that is a big huge problem for web hosts. The only way I can do it is get my own server in a host, and that costs a lot of $$$.
If anyone has any suggestions to my dilemma, please let me know...


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Oskar Austegard said...

Uhm, thanks to Ad earnings you could afford to spend 8 bucks?