Thursday, February 08, 2007

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack source code is released!

Finally I got the project open in codeplex, and finally I installed team foundation, and now version 1.1 of the utility pack, including the source code is available from the utility pack project site.

The new version includes improvements to the field changing page (you can now rename a field, and you can define that the change should be in the selected list and in all the lists in all the sub sites of the selected site), and it remembers the last site you opened.
I even went all out and created an installation application.

So use it, and use it wisely. If you have requests - the project site has a issue list where you should post your requests.
If you change the code - please post any changes for the community to review, and always remember to give credit where it's due.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, i keep getting this message: Any ideas?

If the URL should be serving existint content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application