Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Publishing Infopath To SharePoint: "the following url is not valid" Error

I spent nearly a week of work before I got this error figured out.

I was trying to publish a form that I succesfully published to all development servers to a test server. Every time I tried to publish it would say "the following url is not valid" when I entered the path to the sharepoint site.

Searching the internet, I found some possibilities, but none worked. For the sake of people who encounter this error, I will outline my troubleshooting recommendations below:

  1. Make sure the sharepoint application that contains the site you are publishing to has a site in the root.
    That was my mistake (mistake?). If you create all the sites under a virtual path such as "/sites/", infopath cannot publish.
    So make sure there is a sharepoint site on the "/" path.
  2. Create a new SSP.
    I have no idea why, but people on the internet claimed this solved the problem they had.
  3. If the sharepoint in question is of version 2003, uninstall .NET2 from the server. Again, no explanation was given, but one post in the news groups claim it solved their problem (and probably started a lot of others...)


test said...

This seems to be the problem when your site is on a non-default port. Switch to a DNS or a port 80 and it will work.

Rags Iyer said...

Thanks for the solution , it helped . Am still wandering why is this happening? Did you manged to get any information.

Deb said...

We had the same problems. A co-worker deleted the site at "\" All of a sudden users couldn't publish. We put the root site back in and then they were able to publish again. We do not use a forms server only Infopath 2007

Bullvan said...

Man, thanks a lot! Noone at infopath/wss newsgropus could help me. Finally I used English version of infopath and saw an exact English error code what help me to google up your blog. I spent 3 days on that :/

Thanks again!

Lewis Blackwell said...

Thanks Ishai - my portal did not have a root site, you saved me a lot of time.

Kind regards.

Anonymous said...


I had this exact same problem. You're post helped me fix the problem without wasting much time at all!


Anonymous said...

I experienced this same issue, however I did have a root site collection. I found another post on the net, but can't remember where, but it stated that if you stop the "Distributed Transaction Coordinator" windows service the problem will disappear. This has worked for me a number of times now.

Anonymous said...

My previous comment about stopping the distributed Transaction Coordinator service is incorrect, the System Event Notification service is the service I needed to stop.

I found this article by Firedancer which outlines this workaround.

Anonymous said...

Stopping the "Event notification service" helped me too and my site was under /sites/.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi Thanks,

I was getting same problem but thanks to Google and you. You save my 1 week struggle :). But I'm still wondering what the hell this limitation means or atleast MS should have mention in its SDK. anyway thanks a lot again.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I still have not found a cause or a cure. I have built a BUNCH of Infopath 2007 forms, all of which are browser-enabled, and they all worked perfectly for a month or so when suddenly I got the invalid URL. I knew it wasn't invalid, because I had already published that same doc 100 times. I found that if I did it over and over again, it would eventually publish, but having to do this many times just to publish one iteration is of course maddening.

- I have a root site collection
- My form is not a content type, but rather its own form library created by Infopath through the publishing wizard
- I'm using MOSS 2007 and not 2003, so I'm not messing with the .NET trick
- I haven't made a new SSP just for this, because that makes absolutely no sense and is not proper for my environment

So, I tried turning off that System Event Notification, and my first few tries with multiple forms has been successful, but we'll see if that continues. It's not like this service wasn't running during the month when everything worked perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the solution. I was able to browser-enable the form as soon as I created a root site in the web application.

Saved a lot of time.

Sriram said...

Thanks Ishai!
Creating root site solved my problem too!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Your fix had me up and going in less than an hour.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit skeptical; but as someone above said, I stopped the System Event Notification service on that server and the publication immediately went through, no reason or logic behind it apparent; but it does work! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanx good find on having the root collection created to get this going

Anonymous said...

disabling the service did not work, but creating the root site did it.

burn, sharepoint, burn!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip!

Environment: Win 2003, MOSS 2007, InfoPath 2007, NON-Default port

I was able to publish after creating site under root ("/").

Stopping "System Event Notification" service didn't work for me.

Himani Sharma said...

thanks your solution worked for me....weird but worked :0


Unknown said...

Thanks. Your post helped me to fix the issue in minutes.

Anonymous said...

We got this issue when AJAX was configured for the SharePoint site. When we rolled-back the Web.config file, publishing started working again.

At this stage we don't know the specific AJAX config setting which causes the error.

Unknown said...

I found putting a site directory at the root of a web app often helps the usability of the site, when no other root site is required.