Thursday, February 15, 2007

Are you in Sydney? Are you in Canberra? Come see me!

Hey Guys!

This is for all you Aussies out there. I will be presenting in both Australian user groups next week - Sydney user group on Tuesday and Canberra User group on Wednesday. I am still waiting to get invited to the Melbourne SharePoint User Group and the Brisbane SharePoint User Group (which I really am looking forward to - I want to take the trip and scuba dive in the great barrier reef!)

The Sydney talk is going to be very practical in SharePoint. I am going to show how to use my utility pack efficiently, and I am going to show how to customize the built in search web parts.
This will actually be a summary of my many posts on the subjects here in this blog.

The Canberra talk is going to be more theoretical - I am going to talk about my bets practices and patterns for sharepoint software architecture design. I will try to summarize that into an article over the weekend and post it here.

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