Monday, January 01, 2007

A year.

A year has passed since my first post ever and what a blogging year it was...

  • 90 posts, nearly all of them about SharePoint, and at least 65 of these about the 2007 version, which shows that I was busy with the beta.

  • 30,538 visits since I added a counter (I cant remember when)
  • 100$ made from google ads (still waiting for that first check.)

  • 18 comments that I didnt delete, and quite a few I deleted by mistake. including the one from the guy saying I am "his hero"...what a feed-back!
  • One free web part, and one free utility pack published (still no feedback. I wonder how I can tell if anyone is using these)

So, not bad for my first blogging year. I thought of setting a numeric goal for my self - something like 365 posts in 2007, but I dont want to be like all of those bloggers who post just for the fun of it. I want my posts to contain meaningful information that is either original or hard to find. So I will make a different commitment - A 3rd of my posts will be code samples, and unless I am on vacations, one post a week minimum. And if I get an MVP, I will publish 3 free web parts + source code (hear that Microsoft?!)

I had also just learned that one of my articles was among the top 4 posts in 2006 from the SharePoint Buzz blog. While I appriciate the honor, I would like to make a note to the editors of sharepoint buzz - less advertising, more content! that site would be a lot more nicer if half the screen wasnt taken by ads. That said - thanks for the notice!

Have a good SharePoint year everyone. at least as good as these two seem to be having:

Picture taken in the Taronga Zoo in Sydney on Sat. 30 december 2006. Shows two turtles celebrating the end of the year.

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