Monday, January 15, 2007

Permission to use my samples

In a recent comment for one of my posts someone called "S Jaiswal" left a comment asking for my approval to use my code samples in presentations. Since he didnt leave any contact details, I will post this publicly to all of you.

The rule here is like in the academic world - use it all, change it as much as you want and go wild. Just one thing - give credit when it's due. If you used one of my blog posts to write a blog post - put it in the notes of the post, with a link to the article in my blog.
If you do a presentation and show something that you learned from me, put a link to my blog and to the article.

That's it - just use common sense. If someone helped you, give him the credit. I hope I get more such comments - its a wonderful thing to know that the information I post here is getting used. please let me know if you use it (I would love to get a copy of the presentation to see how you did it!)

A final note to people who organize sharepoint user groups and\or techeds or events like that - I will be happy to get invited to such events. I am very active in the Canberra sharepoint user group, and I have done presentations on the Sydney one as well, not to mention 2 lectures in Teched Israel 2003. I am more then willing to come (you just have to get me there...from Australia).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks for letting me use your sample code.

I didn't provide my contact info last time because this is a public comments section.

I'll let you know if we plan a SharePoint developers meet in my area (Southern California, USA).

Thanks again, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!