Sunday, January 28, 2007

I love Sharepoing!

Half a year ago I posted a post about a possible bug in workflow schema, and as a side note I asked my readers (thats you) if it happens to you that you write sharepoing instead of sharepoint.

I had a comment from someone telling me it happens to him, reassuring me I am not the only one in the world making that mistake.

Since then I have been tracking the elusive "sharepoing" on the internet forums and blogs. Last week I found a blogger called Raghu Iyer who also made the mistake and I posted a comment for him, welcoming him to the sharepoing community. Sadly, Raghu fixed his mistake so you will not see it there.

Today I ran a google search and it turns out there are 971 instances of the sharepoing on the google index! I definitly liked Heather's (MVP) Avoid "SharePoing of the Living Dead" (I wonder if she noticed).
Another cool highlight is this russian blogger (post is in english) who apperantly types everything by hand, since all his namespaces are "Microsoft.Sharepoing.SPList".
Most of the other search results are from forums and discussion boards, but I am sure if we start a sharepoing movement, we can change it! I put a challange to the sharepoint community - If you have a blog, make a diliberate post with "sharepoing" at the header, and explain this (point to this posting) and lets watch this wonderful word gets the honor it deserves.
By the way, I would copyright the right to sharepoing, but I dont have the resources.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes,
You can copyright this ;-)

Check it out :-)

Alpesh Nakar

Anonymous said...

I think he is bulgarian (sofiadev is from Sofia) :-)

Anonymous said...

I found this post last month, when I was just getting started with Sharepoing. Now I find myself typing it all the time.

I blame you.