Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I have been tagged! 5 things you dont know about me

Angus Logan from Microsoft Australia has tagged me, forcing me to think about 5 things you dont know about me. So here we go!

  1. While having noo musical talent at all, I love music, but am very picky. I will only listen to classic rock. My favorite band is Jethro Tull, and I went to see them twice when they came to Israel.
  2. When in high school, me and a group of friends spent a whole nights spraying grafiti all over our school. We did one 10 meters high of two giant sheep using a ladder, and a lot of small ones of sheep running all around the school. One of us also lay down on the basketball court, and we painted around him so it would look like a dead body marking, and then his dog joined him and we did the dog as well.
    People could be found around those markings arguing what the small share is supposed to be for the entire year.
    Because the giant sheep were so high, the school couldnt get rid of it and it stayed on the wall a record period of 3 years!
  3. I love computer games, and as a child my dad would complain all the time that I should do something more productive with the computer instead of playing with it.
    Nowdays when he says the same to my brothers I point out to him that I was the same, and then I show him my pay check. Enough said.
  4. I am afraid of fish. If you want to see a 30 years old guy screaming and running like hell - throw a fish at me. Dead or alive, I cant stand the thought of a fish touching me.
    I do love to look at them, so I do scoba dive - but my partners always complain that I run out of air too fast because I start breating heavily every time a fish looks like he is coming towards me.
    I have been known to kick at fish with my flippers underwater, and screaming at them "go away!" while scuba diving.
  5. I was in prison. Yes - as a prisoner. During my reserve duty in the Israeli army as an officer I refused to serve in the occupied territories and was jailed as a conscientious objector. You can read about it in many internet articles, and even one book that included one of my personal stories of what I have done as a soldier and why I refuse to do it again. A short piece that will let you uunderstand can be found here. By the way - this is not the reason I moved to Australia. That is another story.

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