Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Call for Microsoft - SharePoint as Open Source!

In one of the most interesting articles I've read lately, Stephen Walli is explaining why and how sharepoint should be made open source.
It is very interesting and I wonder if someone from Microsoft will read this and say "hmmm...let's do it!".
I really hope so, because I can think of so many changes I would like to do to the sealed classes, and I can only imagine what the hard core developers would do. Next time we find a bug, we can fix it ourselves and not have to wait in queue for the service pack, while our customer is canceling the project.
Microsoft will gain more developers living sharepoint inside-out and more and more integrating products will come out.
What do you think?


Olivier Dagenais said...

I would really like it if only for the chance to see the build scripts and tools Microsoft used to create their solutions, templates and features. (I can't imagine they write all that damn XML by hand)

futballer said...

nope. I'd like to see a container web part that would host script code like Ajax etc but not a Open Sourcing of WSS....