Sunday, December 17, 2006

Did you notice? went MOSSy

In case you didnt notice, Microsoft US site went all MOSSy on us. I guess they will be migrating regional sites soon, but now if you click the "change" button at the top, you get to a non-moss site and the Australian site is still the old one.

While I like the top of the page (regardless of the brown Zune which I think is pretty...hint hint if anyone is looking for a Hanuka gift for me), I think the grouping at the bottom look out of place from the look and feel. The font just isnt right. Also, the links at the top have a very strange on hover behavior - they get a dotted underline instead of the usual regular underline. At first I thought there may be some text wraped below the words - so strange!

The search isnt done by MOSS (big surprise? not really) and for some reason the "skip to contents" link (accessability!) is missing.

Since is one of the most viewed pages on the internet, I think its a very brave move by microsoft to MOSS it. The performance seems ok, and they probably did an impressive farm deployment there. I would love to read about it!

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