Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Announcing the SharePoint Tips Utility Pack!

update (13.2.2006)
I moved the download and released the open source to a codeplex open source project.
I also released version 1.1 which has some improved features on the field settings screen.

update (1.12.2006) - I moved the utility pack download to a better host- the Canberra SharePoint User Group site (which is where the application was first announced).
Please be patient when clicking the download link, as the user group site was not meant to be a file host and I guess the download can take a while to begin - but its a small file so when it does begin it wont take long.
I am also in contact with Microsoft to get the source code on codeplex - so stay tuned!

Its that time again - time for me to give away something I did for myself to the public.

This time its a pack of small utilities made to make life easier for me as a sharepoint 2007 deployer\administrator\consultant. I am constantly working on small utilities and scripts like these, and now I packaged some of these and I am letting you download it for free. At your own risk.

So hurry and download the SharePoint Tips Utility Pack. I will move the file to another file host service when I find a better one.

Oh, before I forget- to run this application you must run it on to the sharepoint server itself, and to set the trust level in the web.config file to "Full" or sharepoint will not allow the application to get to the data...

Here is what you get in the pack:

  1. A utility to push web parts to existing sites
  2. A utility to create lists in existing sites
  3. A utility to delete sites recursively
  4. A utility to change list fields settings

I also plan to add to it my utility to register event handlers to lists - coming soon!
So please remember - I am open to suggestions and when I am able I will release the source code for the community benefit. kick it on


Anonymous said...

Well done, i'm going to use it often.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to upgrade to the new version to try these utilities out!


Anonymous said...

Hi Isahi,
I have heaps of hosting space and would like to offer you space to host this download. This is the least I can do for your super contributions.