Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another shameless plug - SharePoint-Desktop synchronization solution For 2007 and 2003

I have to tell you about the new product from my good friends at KWizCom (ok, not so new - but I didn't have a chance to check it before now).

Their new product (ShareGO) is a great solution to synchronize documents from SharePoint 2003 and 2007(!!!) document libraries. They add a button to Internet Explorer: This allows you to configure a 2-way sync that includes:

  • Download new/updated server files
  • Upload locally updated files/local new files
  • Manage collisions - files that were updated both on the SharePoint server and locally.
  • Provide local recycle-bin for server-deleted files

Check out their web site. They have some movies that show how the product works, and I noticed a new support option in their site- you can chat with them and ask them questions.

A last note - if you have some recommendations for products you want me to review, let me know (comments to this blog are always read!).


Anonymous said...

I have been using this product since its beta phase, and I must admit is a genius product.

Most recommended - just download and try!


Unknown said...

I can't see anywhere on that site a statement that it works with the 2007 SharePoint products !

Mike Walsh

(looking to add it to the FAQ listing)

Anonymous said...

thanks Mike, Product indeed work with SharePoint 2007, both WSS and MOSS.
KWizCom Corp.