Sunday, September 24, 2006

Trouble with Beta2TR

Oh boy, its been a bad day for me, and its not even 15:00! Last week my sharepoint shared services started misbehaving (luckily, only after a major presentation I had) and today I just couldnt run searches any more, and the user profile database was down.

Going into the shared services administration screen and then clicking "search settings" would give me an error that the search service is offline or the index is being moved, and trying to go into the profile administration would tell me the SQL server database is unreachable.
The event log kept saying that my user account (lets call him spsadmin) failed to logon: "Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\spsadmin'. [CLIENT: ]"
which is very strange since that account is a machine admin, and a SQL admin and DBO for all databases.

isnt that cool?

What havent I tried?
I tried changing the accounts, the passwords, the services..I even tried restarting the server (who knows...).
Finally, I am trying now to reinstall sharepoint.
What I am worried about is installing sharepoint beta2 and then installing TR, on a machine with office beta2tr. I hope no conflicts arise.
Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck mate! I wasted 4 days last week messing around with B2TR and getting everything working again!

It's nice when everything is working again and you can continue to get actual work done =o)