Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Free web part, as promised! - User profile Checker

As I promised a couple of days ago, I have published a new webpart for download, complete with source code.

The web part checks the user's profile for properties that are marked as "required" and if a user didnt fill in one of them, he is prompted to fill it in:

You can also choose to have the user prompted by a message box, or just automatically redirect him!

Here is the download:
As an answer to the comments I will explain some more:

The web part checks the properties that are not disabled, that are user editable or are administrator editable and are required.
The property may be mapped to active directory,


Anonymous said...

This is great but won't those values get clobbered next time you run an import from the AD, i.e. will the matching blank fields in AD overwrite any of the fields populated in SharePoint?

Ivan Wilson said...

I guess the properties may only be managed in AD. You might also have another web based system that allows you to update AD properties. Ishai - I presume you can specify what URL the user gets redirected to?

Love the web part, can see lots of uses for it, especially for getting information for SPS audiences