Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is google trying to kill sharepoint?

According to an article in newsome, google is planning to release tomorrow a package with "web site creation applications".
The article doesn't elaborate on this feature, but it does contain a quote from Tom Rizzo (director for Office SharePoint Server at Microsoft) who shrugs off google as a competitor.
So I guess while SharePoint will remain uncontested in the corporate portals (for me at least), I will definitely have a look at this mysterious "web site creation applications". I have been wanting to move from blogspot for a while now.

By the way, I just ran a spell check on this post, and guess which names were not recognized?
Google, blogspot and sharepoint!
why am I surprised? Because this site is blogspot, so it should recognize its own name, and its owned by Google, so why not include the land lord in your spell checking?
Its exactly like MS Word not recognizing SharePoint or PowerPoint (here is another word it didnt recognize).

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