Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Saving a site as template

Update (31/07/2006) - Tony Bierman writes on how to add the link to the site settings using a feature.

I dont know if I missed something, but I searched and searched and the link to save a sub site as template just wasnt there!

I finally decided on a "bugger all" solution - I went to the top level site, where the link "save site as template" is in the site settings and clicked it.
I noted that the page that starts the save proccess is under "/_layouts/savetemplate.aspx".
I went back to the site I was trying to save as template, and just added the "/_layouts/savetemplate.aspx" to the url (example: http://my server/sitedirectory/teamsite1/teamsite2/_layouts/savetemplate.aspx)

To make a long story short - this works just fine. I wonder if microsoft just forgot this link (I couldnt find documentation to it in the known issues list)
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Anonymous said...

I had the same issue - It's very unintuative in my opinion. I hope it's something they address as B2TR approaches. I hope it's not going to stay this way, but it is possible given the new methodology for "sharing" from the top level down in a site collection.

One other thing you may have found - when you add a bunch of web parts to a page - save the site as a template and then roll it back out - the web parts are no longer on the page.


morgan said...

Yeah we have had the same problem, and put up the work around.

We are getting a lot of different errors when restoring site templates to different site collections as well. Have you had the problem?

Anonymous said...

Can you comment on whether all the factors that made it unfavorable to create lots of subsites under a site as opposed to making them all top level sites goes away with v3.0? So much site sharing for subsites now, it seems more attractive now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks! This trick is so cool! I was searching for a way to save a subsite as template almost half an hour...In vain...:-)
This one works just fine!

Anonymous said...

When saving site as template, there is no option for choosing which 'category' to put the template in (collaboration, meetings etc, or a custom category).
How can this be done?