Sunday, July 16, 2006

At last - BDC file manager.

All hail Todd Baginski!

I have been debating with myself if to post something about the business data catalouge for some time now.
I just did'nt want to look like a fool who cant understand how to make it work. But it seems I was not alone. The sharepoint community was pretty silent about the BDC and I couldnt find anyone explaining it better than the SDK. Slowly I became desperate and thought the BDC is going to be another IBF (if you dont know - be glad).

And to the rescue comes Todd Baginski, who wrote a magical application (ok, I didnt test it yet, but I trust the Todd) to create the BDC file for us.
I suggest we all download it and save it quick before he decides to charge us for the usage (hehehe)

here is the link to the article where Todd explains the application and how it works, and here is the link to the download page.

All hail Todd Baginski!

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