Monday, June 19, 2006

SharePoint Forms - InfoPath on the Web!

I had a chance to work a bit with InfoView - a solution by my company (Unique World) to convert infopath forms to web forms.

This is such a great solution! you can use the great infopath UI to design a form, and then with a click of a button - KA-BOOOM and its a web page allowing people to fill in the form and view it and such like.

One problem with the version I worked on was that to configure the form so that when people submitted it it would save into a sharepoint form library required manual code intervention. Also, you had to write a page to link to the form and its different views.
The new "SharePoint Forms" was announced, and now you just install it on your sharepoint server, and you can create "sharepoint forms libraries" which automatically detect if the client has infopath installed or not, and open the web-based form if not!!! and the default behavior when the user submits is to post to the document library.


There are still some issues when converting - not all the infopath features are supported in the web form, but that is only to be expected. Every release brings more supported features, and if people will be nice enough to request it here, I will post sample code of things I did to enhance infoview forms...

Official Site
Demo (very recommended)

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