Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sharepoint 2007 - Some Thoughts

New in Lists

  1. List view web parts now have the filter and sort in the titles drop downs – no need for full menu to get that!
  2. Lookup fields can now have multiple values.
  3. Aggregation web parts out of the box.
  4. List item security. permissions include “full control”, “design”, “contribute” and “read” – the same as for the site. Read is simple, contribute means edit and so does design. I am guessing that only with full control the users can change the security settings for the item
  5. List Item versioning. This is great because some things we did in InfoPath because we didn’t have this.This means that we can now track a list item as it is changed. We can go and view the item’s history and see who changed it and when. This is important for issue tracking and record management (I suppose that’s how SharePoint implements record management) A great thing about it is that in the version histoy page you actually get for each version the fields that were changed. So (for example) if I changed the priority of a task item, you will see in the list of versions that today, Ishai changed the priority to “2” and created version “3”. How great is that?!


  1. Clicking cancel when editing a view throws an error: “list does not exist” exchange web parts out of the box.
  2. Titles in discussion boards are not shown correctly – you see a “” tag before and after each title.


  1. Still no doctype in the html (hey Microsoft! You are adding it by default in frontpage, why not in SharePoint?)
  2. Still no language meta tag
  3. Page viewer web part still does not render a title for the iframe (error 12.1)
  4. The default CSS still does not respond well to changing the text size in the browser.

All in all I would say that accessibility didnt improve, which is sad. This means that accessibility sensitive organizations (like most if not all of the goverment departments) will have to invest in developing alternative styles and custom solutions for better accessibility.

Record Management

  1. Creating a record management (record repository) workspace automatically creates a document library that is linked to an email address (“mail enabled”) that is created automatically. This way you can easily set up a procedure where a secretary who wants to log that something or other was received or sent only has to send an email to this address.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how I can rollup from multiple list in multiple site to be displayed on a single site.

An example here would be, if I had department sites, many of. And each department site had an Announcements List. At the Departments Root site, I want to Aggregate all Announcements List Contents onto one place in the Department Root site home page

Any ideas?

Ishai Sagi [SharePoint MVP] said...

now is a good time for me to agree with Mike Walash.
Do you think I have psycic powers? hell, I am not even an MVP!
how am I supposed to answer you? you didnt leave an email address or any way to contact, and you didnt write what version of sharepoint you are using!

I will try to answer this in a post in the near future. I hope you keep reading my blog!